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What's the little button for?

We're including a small button with each set of Jissy™ ponytail holders. The button snaps into the top center socket of the ponytail holder that fits over your elastic band. It helps to keep the ponytail holder from slipping.   This button is larger than actual size. The button we send will be smaller and match the color of your hair tie It snaps onto the top center socket of your hair tie The button catches your elastic band so the hair tie doesn't slip

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Jissy® ponytail holder 101 - How to get started

  Step One Put your hair in a ponytail using the supplied elastic band. Slip the hair tie behind your ponytail. The tab points downward. It's used to connect to another hair tie. Step Two Position the hair tie as shown, completely covering the elastic band. If you're only using one hair tie, the tab can be folded underneath. Step Three Hold the longer side over your hair. Fold the shorter side over the elastic band and snap it onto the longer side. It should be tight.  

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