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Our Story

About Us

We're a family owned and operated business. Our daughters are the art director and project manager. Our son is the chief engineer. Our dog and bird are the fun break between working sessions. We partner with other family-owned businesses as much as possible.

In our spare time we give back to the community through volunteering and charity work and we plan to donate a portion of our profits from Hairtyz™ as well.

We appreciate your business and, from all of us... 


Our Product

Our hair tie idea came as a solution to a simple question: How do we keep our hair under control when riding a motorcycle?

It all started when we would ride north to Laconia, New Hampshire. Our hair would be a tangled mess when we got there. We tried other products and they all had their drawbacks. Some were too stiff, others would fly off during the trip, still others didn't look very good.

We picked up a few pieces of leather, bought some snaps, and got to work.

The idea was to make something that would hold the hair tightly, but be flexible. Something that could cover almost all of our hair if we wanted it to, but was modular so we could use it in other ways.

After trying lots of shapes and sizes over several years, we perfected the design that you see today. It's modular - use one hair tie by itself or chain them the length of your hair. It's flexible and moves with you. It comes in different sizes so you can make sure it's tight and prevents tangles.

We source our materials from around the world through US businesses. The factory is an Amish family business in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Last updated October 13, 2017