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Frequently Asked Questions



How do I know what size to buy?

You may have to try them on to see what sizes work best for your style. Thick hair may need an extra-large, while fine hair may need no more than a small. Average hair that falls a bit past the shoulders usually calls for one each of small, medium, and large. Braiding your hair will usually call for larger sizes, as will using thick elastic bands. Try a four pack and order additional three packs in the sizes that work best for your hair thickness and style.

Will the hair ties vary from the pictures?

This is a genuine leather product and may have variations in color, grain, and surface markings. You might see pores, scars, maybe even a brand. That's what makes each piece unique and adds to its beauty. We strive to eliminate waste and will accept pieces with unique marks, but will also reject pieces that have weak spots or holes.

Why am I asked to create an account?

We ask customers to create an online account and provide their phone number for good reasons. It provides an extra layer of security when placing an order and helps to protect you from fraud. It also streamlines the ordering process as well as giving you a central place to review your order status.

Why do I need an elastic band?

The elastic band secures your ponytail and makes it easier to anchor the hair tie. With the hair tie in place, the elastic is compressed onto the hair, which prevents tangles. More than one elastic band can be used if you wear more than two hair ties. A little experimentation might be needed to figure out the best combination for your hair length, thickness, and style


Last updated October 13, 2017