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Warranty Statement

We stand by our products with a lifetime warranty

Hairtyz™ are guaranteed against defects in materials (leather and hardware such as snaps) and workmanship. Your hair tie will be replaced at no charge to you except for shipping, handling and applicable taxes.

Our leather, as with all natural materials, will sometimes have unique marks such as small scars, creases and variations in color that are not considered defects.

Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. Worn edges or corners, natural weathering and softening of materials is expected and adds to the beauty of each piece.
Maintain your favorite leather pieces regularly to ensure they remain soft and supple. We recommend conditioning your leather at a minimum of once every 6 months.

Warranty Exclusions and Limitations

Warranty claims associated with the below list are not considered manufacturer defects and are not covered within our policy.

Our warranty does not cover:

User wear and tear from normal use such as:

  • Worn edges or corners from daily use
  • Natural fading and softening of materials
  • Stains, spots and spills
  • Stretching from wear/use
  • Damage to finishes or seams from friction/rubbing
  • Improper conditioning and cleaning
  • Linings that are ripped, stained or worn from normal use

Misuse, neglect, abuse or accidental damage such as:

  • Rips or scratches
  • Gashes and tears
  • Harsh chemicals or cleaners
  • Animal, fire or weather (lightning, tornado, flood, etc.) damage
  • Third-party damage or mishandling
  • Modification or third party alterations
  • Theft, loss or intentional damage

Warranty return instructions

For warranty service, send an email to and include the following information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Physical address
  • Contact number (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern time)
  • Order number
  • Description of the issue

We will send an email with instructions and we may ask for you to return the defective item.

We may respond via email or phone to ask additional questions. Every return represents an opportunity for us to improve the design and quality of our products. 

Last updated November 14, 2017